Emerstone Energy is our flagship fund which is being raised to target private equity-style, control transactions in our core industries: energy and natural resources. Specifically, we are focused on upstream oil & gas as well as the renewable energy industries for which we employ a contrarian, value-oriented and growth investment strategy respectively. Emerstone Energy has a global mandate but is principally focused on investing in emerging markets where we believe investment opportunities are more compelling and provide exceptional risk/reward returns.

The target AuM for Emerstone Energy is USD 400 million raised from high quality international investors.

Emerstone Energy is structured in the framework of a special limited partnership (SCSp), which is governed by Luxembourg law. The chosen structure has a number of merits including its transparency and flexibility.

Emerstone’s competitive advantages

Emerstone Energy’s competitive advantages as compared to its competitors can be summarized as follows:

  • Safe and flexible investment vehicle.
  • Partnerships with top technical and services companies.
  • Easy and quality access to capital.
  • Team with extensive and deep knowledge of and experience in the energy sector and natural resources.
  • Best in industry corporate governance systems and practices.
  • Experience in structuring large-scale production sharing agreements.