Our Vision

Our goal is to develop Emerstone Capital Partners into one of the top investment managers in Europe. Through Emerstone Energy, which has assets under management of 400 million USD, we are deploying around USD 250-300 million into potential exploration and production prospects. This will be done by forging partnerships not only with the best local experts, but also with highly regarded international energy experts that will result in a synergy in the application of the most advanced solutions available on the market. By balancing the interests of local communities and our investors, our team will consistently conduct operations that will result in high and sustainable growth for all our stakeholders.

While the oil and gas industry has certain challenges, we are willing to take the financial and technical risks in reaching the full potential of existing upstream prospects through flexible and transparent legal constructs, including production sharing agreements, and the most up-to-date technical solutions such as deposit intensification.

We are also engaged in a number of renewable energy transactions in South America and are seeking to position ourselves as one of the premier investors in the space globally.